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key features

Experience Inclusive

Administrators, principals, teachers, students and parents are granted access to distinct score categories, interactive data charts, AI-assisted predictions, and social-emotion academic health tools.


Student Perspective

Administrators, principals, teachers, and parents are granted direct access to their students' Gnosis IQ dashboards.

Learn about and relate to your students through their own perspective.

Emotional Academic Health

Bring awareness to educators regarding their students' social-emotional academic health.


Students are prompted to or may self-report their social-emotional academic health as often as they prefer. Real-time Gnosis IQ notifications will attempt to alert staff members to the possibility of an at risk student, or students. 

Discover trends

View student social-emotional academic health events over a period of time.

Gnosis IQ offers district staff members the ability to locate groups of students reporting similar social-emotional academic health conditions.


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Top Grade Security

Your data is always secure with our industry standard security and encryption measures

Your privacy is important to us. Which is why we encrypt your data in transit, while processing, and when at rest in our databases. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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