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The program that allows you to support the academic and emotional wellness of thousands of students while increasing your reach with targeted marketing. 

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Dr. Mario Ventura

Superintendent, Isaac School District #5

"Adopting Gnosis IQ in the fall of 2020 provided us with the academic and emotional insight we needed to properly support our students!"

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Gnosis IQ’s Community Partnership Opportunity enables businesses to give back to the community by supporting students and positively impacting the “Social Emotional Learning” challenges schools are facing.

Positive Impact

Gnosis IQ’s  Founding Partners Opportunity leverages the power of the Internet and Artificial Intelligence to provide our schools with a way to improve student learning and alert teachers when students are emotionally troubled or have special needs. There’s no better way for our partners to proactively give back to the community than by supporting our schools and the children and families they serve.

Founding Partner Opportunity

Businesses have the purpose of serving our communities. Being a good corporate citizen of the community is one of the best ways companies can deliver a positive message to the people they serve. 


Gnosis IQ is an innovative and unique way for companies to give back to our communities. Helping schools better support students by improving how social and emotional learning skills are measured is one of the biggest challenges schools and teachers face. 


Gnosis IQ provides our Founding Partners an ideal way to proactively demonstrate their commitment to the community by helping our children who will shape the future of our country.

Community Recognition

There’s no better way to “give back” than to help our students. Gnosis IQ provides a unique way for our Founding Partner to make a positive statement regarding their commitment to the people of Arizona. Today's students will help shape the future of Arizona and our nation as a whole. 

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